January 23, 2018


I am a writer, editor, B2B marketer, researcher, and former journalist. Currently, I’m an editorial director at SAP (of course, opinions here are my own). I focus on discovering, developing, and disseminating good ideas that customers can put to use in their companies. I’m fascinated by the concept of using ideas to build a more intimate relationship with customers. Being a former journalist, I’m also pleased that idea marketing allows you to accomplish the ultimate goal of marketing—selling more stuff—by telling the truth in plain English. Idea marketing isn’t journalism but it uses journalistic methods to educate and inform customers about what they should be doing today and what they should be planning for the future. In this blog, I share what I learn about the many aspects of idea marketing.

This blog got its start thanks to the kind people at the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA)—specifically Dave Munn, CEO and president and my former direct boss, Julie Schwartz, senior vice president of Thought Leadership for ITSMA. I spent nearly five years researching and writing about B2B marketing for Dave and Julie and they gave me a tremendous amount of support and encouragement. I learned a lot at ITSMA and I promise that if you are a marketer for a B2B technology provider, you are not going to be as successful if your company does not have access to the decades of marketing research and experience that ITSMA has developed. At the very least, you should subscribe to the Marketing Strategist, ITSMA’s free monthly newsletter. You’ll learn something new each month.

I prefer to think rather than just link, and will try to do that in everything I post. Point of view is more important than frequency. For that reason, I will not be the most prolific blogger in the world, but like my readers, I have a day job.

I have done this before. I blogged for about three years at my previous job, as executive editor at a technology trade magazine called CIO. I had a blog called “Koch’s IT Strategy.” The web people hated me because my blog posts were rarely less than 1500 words. But the longer ones got all the comments and were more fun to write. So I’m going to keep doing it that way.

I have spent most of my career in journalism, but it was interrupted for a few years by a stint as a marketer at a now-defunct consulting firm called CSC/Index. I did what they now call “Thought Leadership Marketing”: Developed and wrote case studies, ghost wrote articles for consultants, helped develop consulting content and edited books and publications.

If you’ve gotten this far, I have earned the right to tell you about my other work experience, which is as a founding editor of a now-defunct consumer magazine about cycling, called Bicycle Guide. It was my first startup experience (my second was starting a bike touring company that took Americans to view the Tour de France bike race-so you can see how demented I am about this stuff) and gave me a chance to learn and write about a sport I love more than any other. You will probably see postings somewhere on this blog about cycling.

You can see more about me at LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter (@ckochster).

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